Amazon Prime Video adds the Store to buy and rent movies

Amazon Prime Video Store is the new section of the video streaming platform that allows you to rent and buy movies: here's how to do it

New features coming for Italian Amazon Prime Video customers: now you can buy or rent movies. On the Amazon Prime Video web page and in the smartphone apps, the "Store" tab has appeared, from which you can access the new catalog.

A catalog that adds to the one of the movies already available with the regular Prime subscription and is divided, like the other, into categories that are easy to browse: popular movies, just released, for children and family, action and adventure, comedy, drama, romance, horror, documentaries. There is also a section of movies in English with subtitles, to practice with this foreign language or simply to watch a movie without the filter of Italian dubbing. The purchase and sale of movies on Amazon Prime Video is already available for all Prime subscribers.

Amazon Prime Video Store: how much does it cost to rent movies

The prices of buying and renting movies on Amazon Prime Video vary depending on the resolution chosen: HD, to watch them on a big screen or on the TV, SD for smartphones and tablets. Some movies are available for both purchase and rental, others only for purchase. Almost all movies can be rented in HD for 4.99 euros or in SD for 3.99 euros, or bought for 13.99 euros or 11.99 euros. Buying a film we can see it when we want, forever, renting it we have instead 30 days for the first viewing and 48 hours to see it again later. Both the rented and the purchasable movies have the same terms of use as the normal movies included in Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon Prime Video Store: avoiding accidental purchases

When we open the web page, or the app page, related to each movie we can read the synopsis of the movie, the director, the actors, the genre, the languages and the subtitles available and then we find 4 buttons: Watch the trailer, Rent, Buy, Other purchase options and Add to video list. It's very easy to miss the button, caught up in the eagerness to see the trailer but, fortunately, it's possible to cancel a purchase as long as we don't start watching the chosen content by mistake. Alternatively, Amazon itself suggests setting a PIN to unlock purchases/rentals. An idea to absolutely take into consideration if our Amazon Prime Video account is also used by children.

Amazon Prime Video Store: the available movies

The library of available titles is very large: there are recently released movies or the great classics that have made history. In addition, Amazon Prime Video Store will also publish titles that should have been released in theaters at this time and that due to Covid-19 have had to find viable alternatives. Already available now is "Trolls World Tour," an animated film that was supposed to be released over Easter weekend but instead has been released on streaming video platforms.