Is Fortnite coming to the Google Play Store? What is known at the moment

Nothing to do for Fortnite Android. The famous game from Epic Games, in fact, is not available on the Play Store and will not be for a long time yet

Fortnite cannot be downloaded on Android from the Google Play Store and, most likely, will not be for a long time yet. Epic Games, in fact, has not been able to reach an agreement with the Mountain View company and has decided to continue distributing the game from its website.

The developer, since the launch of Fortnite for Android, has always opted for an "in house" distribution, so as not to have to surrender 30% of profits to Google itself. The conditions of use of the Play Store for developers, in fact, are quite clear in this regard: one third of the proceeds of the app sold or in app purchases must end up in the coffers of Big G, which "provides" developers with its technological infrastructure. A clause never accepted by Epic Games, which has in V-Bucks its main source of income. The developers of Fortnite have negotiated in the hope of obtaining a discount or an exception.

Fortnite: Google's no

The Mountain View giant has declared that it will not make any exception for Fortnite, as all developers present on the Google Play Store respect the conditions of use of the service. Moreover, it is not possible to reduce the percentage set by Big G, as the revenue is needed to maintain and further develop the services connected to the Play Store. Epic Games' reaction was not long in coming, however: CEO Tim Sweeney said that the 30% required by Google is a real tax that, in the long run, is going to affect the development and management of the games of the software house.

Why Epic Games wanted Fortnite on the Play Store

Epic games aimed to distribute Fortnite through Google Play to solve a series of problems related to security that have been created over time. Not only did Google find some criticalities in the APK installation mode, but Epic Games itself had to deal with several "clone" sites that distributed malware-laden versions of Fortnite for Android. The arrival on the Play Store would have allowed to solve these issues but, for the umpteenth time, the creator of Fortnite has been forced to desist.