Elon Musk copies the “Italian genius,” a new Isle of Roses for Mars travel

Elon Musk copies the "Italian genius" of Isle of Roses, devising floating platforms for space travel.

Elon Musk copies the Italian genius, the inventor of Isle of Roses and creates a floating platform as a base for Mars travel. The visionary entrepreneur announced on Twitter that soon the Starship spacecraft could leave in the direction of space from the Gulf of Mexico.

SpaceX has in fact started work to create a floating platform to be used as a launch base for its missions in orbit, just like that of the engineer Giorgio Rosa. Elon Musk has expressed all his enthusiasm on social media, revealing that the first tests with rockets could start as early as next year. Only a few weeks ago, after numerous failed attempts, a prototype of the Starship was back in the base in Texas, bringing to mark an important success for SpaceX.

At the beginning of the year Musk had revealed the purchase of two former oil platforms to create launch bases. An idea that, when viewed in this way, suggests he may have come to him by following the story of the engineer from Bologna who created an artificial island in the Adriatic Sea, off the coast of Rimini, in 1958.

The Rose Island endowed itself with an official language (Esperanto), a government and a currency, and proclaimed itself an independent state. The story of its creation has also become a movie entitled The Incredible Story of Rose Island, available on Netflix, starring Elio Germano and Matilda De Angelis.

In the meantime, work is underway on Elon Musk's spaceports, named Fobos and Deimos after the two Mars satellites. In fact, in all likelihood, the platforms will be used for Starship missions to discover the Red Planet, of which Musk has claimed to be "the emperor". In reality, the platforms inspired by Giorgio Rosa's dream could be used in the near future also for other purposes.

The idea of the entrepreneur would be to exploit them as bases for rapid transport between the metropolis. The ships, according to his plans, could take flight and land on various platforms built in the waters near the big cities. In this case, a new scenario would open up, with ultra-fast connections of just thirty minutes between cities like Beijing and New York. Another futuristic project on which Musk is working and that could soon become reality, without abandoning the idea of conquering Mars.