Jeremy Clarkson, new Amazon series from Top Gear creator

The new reality show is set on the host's new farm, challenged by country life. Here's when it comes out and what it's about.

Jeremy Clarkson is preparing to host a new show on Amazon. No cars or drag racing, but lots of country and farm life. The title of the new show is Clarkson's Farm. After years at the helm of Top Gear, the presenter changes format significantly.

The idea was born after buying a farm of a thousand acres outside the city, a place isolated from the world and full of difficulties, at least for the presenter not accustomed to that kind of life. The reality show last year of life conductor, in the guise of an unlikely farmer of Britain. In January, another famous presenter, Richard Hammond had challenged himself and his limits on a desert island, in the show The Great Escapists. Now it will be Clarkson's turn to try to survive far from comfort and luxury. The one in his new reality show is a different environment than the ones he is used to. The program was announced by Amazon in 2020 but only in recent months has taken shape and is now preparing to land on the streaming platform.

Jeremy Clarkson: what's the new show about

Clarkson shortly before the pandemic broke out had purchased a large farm to run with his team of farmers. The new show captures his life in a new world of irrigated fields, sowing seeds, baling hay and harvesting crops. Of course, Clarkson's style has not been compromised in this show either: suffice it to say that he bought a Lamborghini tractor to work.

The Amazon series follows the journalist and presenter as he struggles to learn how to run his new farm. He is helped only by his fellow farmers. Episode after episode shows the skills needed to work in the countryside. You need to be a bit of a scientist, a shaman, an accountant, but also an obstetrician, a shepherd, a tractor driver and much more.

Every success is an incredible thrill, but of course there are failures, because nature is difficult to predict and govern especially by those who have no experience. The failures are then shown, which have really tough emotional consequences for Jeremy and his team. The presenter moves out of his comfort zone, learns how to cultivate the land, raise sheep, and carry out important environmental projects that can contribute to the protection of the Planet. In short, he puts himself to the test and demonstrates how difficult but also important it is for all of society to take care of the countryside and all activities related to agriculture and farming.

When Clarkson's Farm comes out

The show consists of 8 episodes and will be released on June 11, 2021 on Amazon Prime Video.

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