5 apps to find shopping codes and coupons

Are you looking for something to buy at a great price? You can use apps to save money on your daily shopping. Here's which ones

More and more people in Italy are buying online, as some data suggest. The e-commerce market, which grew by 16% in 2016, has undergone a significant boost also thanks to the massive spread of smartphones and tablets, which have increased the number of users.

But it is above all the convenience to drive e-commerce. On the Internet, in fact, you get a significant price reduction that in some cases can reach even 70%. An important role in searching for the cheapest platform from which to perfect online purchases is played by the countless apps, which in a flash, and above all without wasting whole days comparing prices for the same product, aggregate the most advantageous offers, allowing users to discover all the available discounts. The apps, moreover, can be used not only to buy online, but also to search for interesting offers from stores, restaurants, hotels and many other commercial categories.

Discount Code

Let's start with one of the most used: Discount Code. Accessible even via computer, the app allows you to find the most advantageous offer for a given product by searching through various sales platforms. Discount Code allows you to get extra discounts to insert in the item you want to buy, and the way it works is very simple: you search for the merchandise by typing in the name or category of the product, or the store, and you get the "discount code" to use at the time of purchase.

Discount Search

If, on the other hand, we're only interested in the offers of e-commerce sites, the advice is to download Discount Search, a useful application but available from mobile only for Apple users. Alternatively, we can use the services of Cerca Sconti directly from the website. The app is convenient because it helps to disentangle the numerous offers that we find every day on the Net and that risk to escape the users.


Very appreciated by the users,  DoveConviene is an application that allows to find the best offers among those available in the flyers. The app "cuts" the results based on the users' geographical location. Thus it will be possible to search for a product in the nearest store. DoveConviene includes the flyers of many supermarket chains (Esselunga, Auchan, Carrefour, Conadm, Coop), electronic stores (Media World, Euronics, Unieuro, Trony), and some phone companies. It will also be possible to find clothing products and much more. The app is also available on iOS.

Osserva Prezzi

One of the sectors most subject to price changes is fuel. There are several applications available on the market. Observe Prices is one of them. The app was developed by the Ministry of Economic Development and allows you to consult the gasoline prices of each station. It works thanks to GPS: once activated, in fact, it will be possible to verify, according to the geographical position, where it is convenient to refuel.


Available for Android and iOS, Lastminutesottocasa is an application that has many advantages. First of all, it helps users find food nearby at discounted prices. And then it allows you to reduce food waste. Lastminutesottocasa, in fact, puts in contact the shopkeepers, who have a quantity of food not sold but still good to eat, with those who need to buy a food item. The app uses geolocation and works by sending users an alert of available deals.