Il prossimo smartphone di Xiaomi avrà una fotocamera da 200 megapixel

L'azienda cinese Xiaomi punta su una fotocamera ancora più potente con sensore da 200 megapixel: come sarà e quando arriverà


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Una fotocamera da 200 MP potrebbe troneggiare in bella vista sul retro del futuro smartphone targato Xiaomi. Dopo il recente arrivo dei dispositivi con sensore da 108 MP, i tempi sembrano già maturi per affrontare lo step successivo. What can we expect, then, from the next phones from the Chinese company?

That Xiaomi loves to play the role of the forerunner is an objective fact, at least in terms of cameras. In fact, back in 2019 it established itself as the first manufacturer of devices with a 108 MP cam, embedded in the chassis of its Mi Note 10 model. Only later came Samsung, followed by another handful of companies with fluctuating successes. This time, marking another milestone, is the move to an even more powerful sensor, according to a suggestion from leaker Digital Chat Station in a post published on microblogging platform Weibo. Obviously, the company has not confirmed the statements but, given the past, no one would be particularly surprised in front of such a milestone.

Xiaomi with 200 MP sensor: how it will be

From the publication of Digital Chat Station, characterized by the rabbit-shaped emoji indicating Xiaomi itself as confirmed in the comments, we read some interesting details. On all, without a doubt, stands undoubtedly that of the 200 MP rear camera, a likely confirmation of the rumors that in recent months had suggested that the company was working to develop the small portent of the photo / video sector declined with respect to the world of mobile devices.

Not even a reference to the screen of the device produced by the giant of Lei Jun, a display with curved edges and punch-hole for the housing of the front module. Inside, however, we should find one of the most important components of flagship phones planned for the year 2022, or the new processor of Qualcomm.

If the anticipations were to be confirmed, it could really be the successor of Snapdragon 888, for now indicated by the initials SM8450. And it is this SoC among the spearheads of the near future, especially in light of rumors leaked by the well-known tipster Evan Blass who spoke of a process of realization to 4nm, GPU Adreno 730 and ISP (Image Signal Processor) Spectra 680.

Xiaomi with 200 MP sensor: when it will arrive

For now there is no precise information on the release date of the smartphone with super camera, although the first phones equipped with the evolution of the Snapdragon 888 should peep for the month of December 2021 or, even, early 2022. To this, then, is added the unknown related to the series to which the device will belong, therefore leaving many doors open to doubts and assumptions.