Vertigo, the app to listen to music with friends remotely

Available at the moment only on iOS, Vertigo is a music platform that allows you to hear a song in real time with other people

One of the main ways to listen to a song remotely and simultaneously with someone is to pick up the phone and call. The romantics know something about this.

The new app is called Vertigo and has a unique feature: it allows users to listen to a piece of music simultaneously with friends and family. And that's not all, because the software also allows users to share the experience with perfect strangers. For the first time, despite numerous unsuccessful attempts, someone has managed to create what seems to be a real music social platform. And just like the best messaging programs, Vertigo also grants the possibility to comment on live music. In fact, users can chat with the person with whom the song is being shared. In short, this innovative app lacks nothing.

How Vertigo works

(Taken from YouTube)

The essence of the music platform is therefore the real-time sharing of songs, beat by beat as the Anglo-Saxons would say. But how does Vertigo work? First of all, to live these sound experiences with friends and relatives (and even strangers), you need to be an Apple user. The application is currently available only on iOS and there are no indications if it will also arrive on Android. Once you download the program from the App Store, you have to create an account: you can use your email address or your Facebook and Twitter profiles. Users can choose to follow other members of the community or invite their friends.

Song sharing through Spotify

The most important feature of Vertigo is Spotify. Without the music streaming platform, it would not be possible (especially legally) to listen to a piece of music with another person in real time. After creating a profile, users are asked to link their Spotify premium account to the app.