How to delete already sent messages on WhatsApp with Delete for All

WhatsApp is releasing the new Delete for All feature that allows iOS and Android users to delete an already sent message within seven minutes After several testing periods WhatsApp is releasing the new feature that allows users to delete accidentally sent messages. This solution was suggested to the developers of the messaging app by the … Read more

WhatsApp, new way to see videos

On Android came the Picture-in-Picture mode that allows you to see n videos on WhatsApp and continue talking with your friends. Here’s how it works New features in sight for WhatsApp: in the latest version of the application available for Android is the Picture-in-Picture mode that allows you to see the videos received and continue … Read more

The Benefits of Photonics in Industry 4.0

The branch of optical science will revolutionize the controls and management of production processes, avoiding errors and contamination on final products Photonics will help the industries of the future. But don’t imagine distant scenarios with super high-tech factories. This branch of optical science is already poised to revolutionize businesses in the fourth industrial revolution. Thanks … Read more