How to make funny videos for YouTube, the practical guide

You don't need to be a great director to publish a funny video on YouTube: here are some tricks to follow to make a perfect movie

The quality of funny videos on Youtube or on other channels doesn't always depend on the device used. In fact, you can find good funny videos made with simple recording tools and, on the contrary, bad funny videos on YouTube made with the best equipment available on the market.

So let's go back to the initial question. What do we need if we want to upload videos to YouTube? A lot depends on the device we want to use for shooting. For example, you can use our home computer, maybe a laptop with a built-in webcam, to make funny videos for YouTube for free. Un’altra valida alternativa è rappresentata da una fotocamera, senza poi dimenticare che possiamo utilizzare il nostro smarphone. Questa svariata disponibilità ha ovviamente aumentato il numero dei filmati pubblicati ogni giorno sulla piattaforma di condivisione video di proprietà di Google.

Piccoli accorgimenti


I video divertenti su YouTube sono una delle categorie più ricercate

Il primo dettaglio sul quale fare particolare attenzione è la qualità dell’immagine. Non è difficile infatti trovare filmati su YouTube con immagini mosse e scure, a discapito dell’esperienza di utilizzo dell’utente. Un buon video è quello che ha delle immagini stabili e chiare. La prima cosa da fare è poggiare il nostro device di registrazione scelto su un supporto stabile. In this case it is advisable to use a tripod.

Careful lighting for clear YouTube videos

Then we have to make sure that the person we are framing is sufficiently lit. In fact, digital tools produce better results when the scene is adequately lit and on the contrary they offer us grainy images in situations where the brightness is very low.

Not being professionals, we should prefer a well-lit room with white walls. It is also preferable to use artificial lights and place one above and one behind the camera. On the market you can find good and cheap products. Neeer, for example, has dimmable LED lights that cost around 25/30 euros and can be easily mounted on the camera.

Care for amplification

Sound quality is also very important. Most of the latest devices have a built-in microphone that is not always adequate enough to capture audio. Also in this case it is possible to buy an external recording support at a low price. A good alternative would be to resort to a Boya BY-M1, available online for less than 20 euros.

The image quality of YouTube videos

Let's get to the camera. As mentioned above, initially you can try to use some device that we already own. An example is a laptop and its built-in webcam, which is normally capable of recording 720p video (resolution 1280×720 pixels).

Wanting to increase the quality of our funny videos, we can opt for an external webcam. Important in this case to aim for those that offer a high-definition resolution. Very popular among YouTubers because of the low price is the Logitech HD Pro C920 that makes movies in FullHD (resolution 1920×1080 pixels), has autofocus and built-in microphone. If instead we want to further increase the quality of our videos we can rely on digital cameras. In this case, however, also raises the bar of the price.