How to open an .eml file

If you have received files in .eml format in your e-mail and you want to know how to open them, read this article! Find out how to do it with Libero Tecnologia.

Through e-mail it happens to receive the most varied file formats, especially when using Pec (certified e-mail), which can sometimes present messages in formats that an average user has never seen before. So it may be useful to know how to open an .eml file.

What are .eml files

Files with .eml extension contain e-mail messages, with text formatting and possible attachments, including images. They are created automatically by some applications, such as Microsoft Outlook or Windows Web Mail, and usually you can view their contents by double-clicking on them. However, if you want to import these files into your email client, the procedure can become long, if you have many emails. Not to mention that not all computers are capable of opening them, since it often depends on the programs that are installed on them. That's why there are some useful tools to open .eml files without much effort.

How to open .eml files

The procedure differs depending on the type of operating system you use. To open .eml files on Windows, first click on the icon with the right mouse button and select Properties. A new window will open where you will have to click on Change and select your email client of choice. If it is not in the list of available applications, you can search for it using the browse button at the bottom and select it manually. With the Mac operating system, on the other hand, just right-click on the file and click on Get Info. In that window you'll have to select Open With and then choose your email client and confirm by clicking on Edit All. Once this is done, the .eml files will open simply by double-clicking on the icon and can be imported individually into your email client.

How to open .eml files online

Opening .eml files online is simple, as they can be opened using a browser such as Internet Explorer. It will be enough to change the file extension from .eml to .mht, which is read without any problems by this browser. This lets you view the contents of the file directly online.

How to open large amounts of .eml files

When you need to open .eml files in large quantities, there are procedures that can simplify it. The answer is called Mozilla Thunderbird, which is compatible with all platforms and is free. Once you have downloaded and installed the program on your computer, you will have to start it, then configure your email account and install a specific component that can import large amounts of .eml files at the same time: this is the extension ImportExportTools NG, which you will have to download separately on your computer.

Once you have completed the operations, you will have to reopen Thunderbird and add the add-on you have just downloaded, going to the Tools menu and selecting Additional Components, then installing what you have just downloaded. At this point the program will restart, then you can select the folder where you want to import the eml files to download. Once this is done, from the tools menu click on ImportExportTools NG and select Import all messages in a directory. From here you will indicate where the .eml files to be imported are stored and click on Select Folder to start the transfer.

Open .eml text files

If your computer does not support the specific programs and you cannot open the .eml files with your mail client, you can at least view them as text files, although you will not be able to view images and other attachments. With the Windows operating system just click on the .eml file you want to open with the right mouse button, then choose Open with... from the dropdown menu and choose to open the file with Notepad, which all Windows PCs have installed. The text you want will be enclosed in the tags <html> and <body>. Any hyperlinks will be enclosed in the tags <a href=: just copy the url in the browser bar to view them. If you work with a Mac operating system, open the file with TextEdit and proceed in the same way.