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Samsung Galaxy S10: Wireless Charging - charging without cables

With Wireless Charging you can charge your Samsung Galaxy S10 without any cables. Induction is used for this purpose. This creates an electromagnetic field that transmits power wirelessly, charging your phone. With the right charging station, you can even charge the Galaxy S10 pretty quickly.

How to use Wireless Charging with Samsung Galaxy S10

If the QI Charger you need supports the right charging function, you can use the Samsung Galaxy 10's fast charging feature. However, before using the QI Charger, you need to enable this option in your Samsung phone first.
  1. Open the homescreen and then the settings of the Samsung Galaxy S10.
  2. From here, continue tapping "Device Management" and then "Battery".
  3. On the top right, you will find three small dots. Press on them and select "Settings". Here you can select the option "Fast inductive charging".
  4. If this option is not yet displayed for you, place the phone on an appropriate charging station for a few seconds. As soon as the Samsung Galaxy S10 detects charging via induction, the option will be added automatically. Achtung: Die Option können Sie nur ändern, wenn das Telefon nicht auf einer Ladestation liegt.
  5. Generell sollte sich „Schnelles induktives Laden“ jedoch aktivieren, sobald Sie das Telefon auf eine Induktionsstation legen.
  6. Wireless Charging lohnt sich besonders, wenn Sie Ihr Handy auf dem Nachttisch laden wollen.

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