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How does DAZN work? All the information

Dazn is a popular streaming service provider for live broadcasts of sports events. Founded only in 2016, Dazn has been referred to as the Netflix of sports. Starting in 2021, you will be able to watch the Champions League through Dazn.

These are the requirements for DAZN

Since you stream DAZN over the Internet, you should have a fast Internet connection. Otherwise, disruptive fluctuations in the transmission can occur or disrupt the transmission altogether. To rule out such problems, your Internet connection should be at least 9 Mbit per second fast. Perform a speed test to measure the current speed.
DAZN is also supported by the following smartphones and tablets:
  • Android (from version 4.4)
  • iPhone (from iPhone 5), iPad (from iPad 4) & iPod Touch (from the 6th. Generation)
  • Amazon Fire tablets (models from 2014)

How to watch the program of DAZN

Meanwhile, DAZN offers you app solutions for both Android and Apple-based systems. This allows you to play the content on almost any device without any problems. If you have problems with the playback on your TV, the connection with a laptop via HDMI cable is a good option. Danach können Sie DAZN auch erst einmal kostenlos testen und prüfen, ob Sie den Streaming-Anbieter längerfristig nutzen möchten.

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