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What is Giphy? We introduce the popular GIF platform

GIFs are an integral part of today's Internet culture. The format is spreading across all channels, most notably social media, and Giphy is a key contributor. We explain what it's all about.

Boundless GIF fun: On Giphy, moving images take center stage.

As short, animated sequences, GIFs fit perfectly into the online age. Anyone who likes GIFs should therefore also know Giphy.

What is Giphy and what is there?

On giphy.com, literally everything revolves around GIFs:
  • You can both create GIFs yourself there and then upload them.
  • The user-generated GIFs are visible on Giphy. The site is thus also a focal point for visitors looking for new GIFs.
  • Because of the huge number of GIFs, you can browse different categories. The selection there is still huge, but at least the topic is narrowed down halfway.
  • Creating and uploading GIFs is free.
Alternatively to the website, there is also a Giphy app. It exists for iOS and Android and offers all the important functions of the platform.

By Thomasina Barnell

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