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Recover USB flash drive - how to recover your files

On a USB flash drive, various contents can be stored and thus exchanged between devices. If you have completely deleted the data on the device, there are several ways to recover it. It depends on whether you have backed up your data before or not.

How to recover your USB flash drive

Before deleting the data on a storage medium, such as a USB flash drive, you should first create a backup. Then you can restore the data after deleting the stick.
  1. To do this, connect the USB stick to your computer and click "Start".
  2. Then go to "Control Panel" > "System and Maintenance" > "Backup and Restore".
  3. Now select the option "Restore my files" and follow the instructions of the wizard to restore your files.
  4. Alternatively, this is also possible via "Start" > "Computer". Right-click on the folder with the files you want to recover.
  5. Then select "Properties" > "Previous Versions" > "Recover".

How to recover lost files on a USB stick

Have you accidentally deleted the files on your USB stick, you can recover them afterwards with the program EaseUS.
  1. Download the program and follow the installation instructions.
  2. Start the software and then select your USB stick.
  3. Click "Scan" to start searching for deleted contents on the stick.
  4. After the search is complete, you will see all the files found. Select the data you want to recover and click "Recover."

By Larissa Zenteno

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