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Openbank Я42: Withdraw money - this is how it works and what you should know

Online banks are in vogue and with Openbank Я42 there is another representative that is gaining popularity in Germany. But what about if you want to withdraw money as a customer?

Santander makes it possible: as an Openbank customer, you can withdraw money at thousands of branches.

The disadvantage of online banks is that they do not have their own branch network. This raises the question for many customers as to how it looks with cash withdrawals at Openbank.

Openbank Я42: Cash withdrawals quite easy thanks to Santander

The conditions at Openbank Я42 are clearly defined:
  • Since Openbank belongs to Santander, you can use your Openbank debit card at over 40.000 Santander ATMs worldwide to withdraw cash for free.
  • You can withdraw cash for free up to five times a month at other ATMs. This applies to all ATMs in the euro zone.
Thanks to the large Santander branch network, including in Germany, Openbank has an advantage over other banks in terms of cash options for its customers.

By Kenyon Rodgersonjr

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