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Locate your cell phone for free - how to find your smartphone

If you have misplaced your cell phone, there are different ways to locate the device. However, keep in mind that the tracking must be set up before you lose your phone. So take care of a backup in time.

So you can locate your cell phone for free

Have you lost your cell phone or was it stolen, you can locate the device. It does not matter whether the GPS is activated or not. If your device was turned off or it is disconnected from the Internet, then the last known location is displayed.
  1. On an iPhone, you can locate your device via the iCloud. You must also activate this function in advance. For this you need an Apple ID, with which you must be logged in on the phone and in the iCloud.
  2. To activate the function, go to "Settings" > "Apple ID" > "iCloud". Activate here the option "Find my iPhone". Would you like to subsequently locate your phone, this is possible via the iCloud in your browser.
  3. To activate the corresponding function on Android, go to "Settings" > "Google" > "Location" or "Security & Location". Here you can enable the options "Locate with high accuracy" and "Find my device".
  4. You can then find your phone via Google's Find my device website.

By Carree

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