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ICE: Is it possible to take a bike? We explain the situation

Who likes to travel by train and does not want to do without his bike, for which there are now suitable options on ICE routes. Our guide shows what it looks like.

Two wheels on rails: Bicycle transport has also been possible in ICEs for a few years now.

The railroads want to become ever greener; a growing range of services for cyclists thus seems only in keeping with the times.

Bicycle entrainment only possible in the latest ICEs

Generally, bicycle entrainment in the ICE has been possible for several years, but only under a number of conditions:
  • The booked train must be a type 4 ICE (from 2017), since only with this generation bicycle parking spaces were introduced.
  • You must also reserve a place for the bike before the trip. This costs 8 euros per bike and trip; with BahnCard it is only 5.40 euros.
  • Normal pedelecs may also be taken, S-pedelecs, however, not.
  • Children's bicycles with a frame size of no more than 16 inches find free space on board, as they do not come on the bike parking area, but in the normal luggage compartments.
Since there are only eight parking spaces per train, it can quickly become crowded on busy routes - early reservation is the key here. Um bei der Buchung zu sehen, welche Verbindungen die Fahrradmitnahme ermöglichen, aktivieren Sie die Option „Nur Verbindungen zur Fahrradmitnahme anzeigen“ bei der Suche.

By Janella

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