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Cancel Expedia Newsletter - cancel the service

Expedia offers to keep you informed about the latest deals and offers via email. However, if the information is no longer useful to you or you find that you are receiving too many emails from Expedia, you can simply unsubscribe.

This is the fastest way to unsubscribe

You can unsubscribe from Expedia's newsletter within a short time.
  1. First, open your email account and click on a newsletter from Expedia.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the message. There you will find a button labeled "Unsubscribe from Newsletter."
  3. Click on this button. You will now be taken to another web page where you will need to confirm that you do not wish to continue subscribing to the newsletter. Expedia may ask why you made this decision. It is not mandatory that you answer the questions.
  4. Should you open the email from Expedia in your newsletter, then it may be that you do not find the button. In this case, you need to unsubscribe from the newsletter from your PC.

Are you really missing the best deals?

Surely you can become aware of one or the other offer through the newsletter of Expedia. However, you can also find the relevant promotions on the provider's website. Or you can visit a comparison portal and find out there about offers that fall within your preferred time period.

By Piper Hillesland

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