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Key combination sum character - how to insert the special character

In various writing programs, but also in e-mails, you may have to use the sum character. However, this is not found on your keyboard when doing so, so you have to insert it into your document or text in some other way.

This is the key combination for the sum sign

The mathematical sum sign, called "sigma" in the Greek alphabet, is mainly used in formulas. But the sign can also be used on many other occasions. For this reason, there is a special key combination that you can easily use for easier input in Office programs and the like, without having to take long detours through various paths.
  • If your keyboard has a separate numeric keypad, then you can insert the sum sign above it. To do this, hold down the "Alt" key and then type the sequence of digits "0931". After you have released the "Alt" key, the sigma appears at the desired position.
  • If you do not have an extra number pad available on your keyboard, then there is another key combination for the sum character. For this, enter the numbers "2211" and then press the keys "Alt" and "C".
  • If your computer runs under Mac, then there is also a special key combination that you can use for the sum character. Dafür halten Sie die Taste „Alt“ gedrückt und nutzen zusätzlich die Taste „W“ auf Ihrer Tastatur. Nun sollte auch hier das Symbol für Sigma in Ihrem Dokument erscheinen.

By Orferd Doran

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