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Buy Cardano: All info about the investment

After Cardano rose steadily in 2018, the value fell sharply again in recent years. It is only since the end of 2020 that the price has been rising again. Cardano is a public blockchain and cryptocurrency project. The platform's cryptocurrency belonging to it, on the other hand, is called ADA.

Buy Cardano: On these exchanges the exchange is possible

Cardano in itself is a blockchain and cryptocurrency project. ADA, on the other hand, is called the cryptocurrency belonging to this project. This type of finance is speculative funds with fluctuating prices. For this reason, buying the coins always involves risk. Cardano trading is currently available on numerous platforms.
  • Binance, Bittrex and Gate offer the cryptocurrency for purchase. These were also the first platforms to offer Cardano.
  • Since then, many more brokers have joined. These include Plus500, Etoro, Markets.com or Libertex. Kraken and Bitpanda also allow you to buy the currency.
  • The total capitalization of Cardano is currently about 10 billion euros and is therefore ranked 6th among cryptocurrencies.
The process is always the same: you get Cardano by exchanging it for another cryptocurrency. Bitcoin and Ethereum are thereby permitted as "trading couples". On some platforms, you can also purchase the coins for cash. Beachten Sie, dass die direkte Einzahlung von Echtgeld nicht immer möglich oder nur ab größeren Beträgen nach einer aufwändigen Verifizierung erlaubt ist.

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