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File extensions - what the extensions tell you

Your computer stores numerous files, but you cannot open and edit them with every application. The file extensions show you thereby, which file type it concerns exactly and how you deal with it. However, there are also numerous options here.

What the file extensions tell you

If you would like to know beforehand with which program you can open or edit a file, then pay attention to the file extension. This gives you information about which type or which format it is. Usually it is known that the extension .txt is a text file that can be opened with common editors. Since there is no standard for file endings, it is hardly possible to always keep track.
  1. If the downloaded file ends with .zip, then you must first unpack it with a suitable program to be able to access it.
  2. With the extension .pdf, it is a PDF file, for which you need, for example, the Acrobat Reader.
  3. Very often also occurs with documents the extension .docx. This is a Word file. Each Office application saves your documents in a certain format, which you also see accordingly in the extension.
  4. If it is an application that you have downloaded, the .exe file is the executable file with which you start the application.
  5. Websites such as Endung.de provide a database with numerous extensions. Enter the appropriate here and start the search to find out what type of file it is.

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