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SoundCloud Go+ for Students: Cost, features, and more info

With SoundCloud Go+, there's a paid subscription that includes all the features and more. For that, it costs as much as the world-renowned competition. We therefore present the option for students.

Apprenticeships with benefits: SoundCloud Go+ is half price for students.

SoundCloud has grown from an uncommercial niche platform to a global name. With Go+, you can take full advantage of the service.

SoundCloud Go+: Students pay only half

Students should know the following info about Go+:
  • Regularly, SoundCloud Go+ costs 9.99 euros per month. Students get a 50 percent discount - 4.99 euros is the price.
  • Included are all the features exactly as in the full price subscription of Go+. There are no commercial breaks, you hear all the songs in the highest quality and can also use the service offline.
  • Whoever wants to try out the subscription for free at first can do so for 30 days.
To get the student price, you have to provide proof when signing up. This is done through SheerID, a third-party provider that works with SoundCloud for this purpose.

By McArthur

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