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This is Amazon Author Central: How to set up the page

Having your own author page can help you make a name for yourself in Amazon's book universe. The more works you publish, the more effective Author Central will be. We therefore give a short guide.

For authors: thanks to Author Central you can present yourself professionally.

Author Central is the central point for all info around your author name. If you are serious about your eBooks and books, you should not ignore this feature.

Amazon Author Central: quick setup with existing author name

Not every author automatically has an author page on Amazon. To do so, you need to set it up:
  1. Go to this page. Read through the information and then start at the bottom with the button "Join Author Central".
  2. Agree to the terms of use and follow the steps, in which you have to specify, among other things, your author name.
  3. If you have already published a book or several books under your author name, Amazon will now perform a search and you can confirm the association with your name ("This is my book").
  4. Thereupon your account will be created. In this turn, you will receive an email, which you must confirm.
Followed by this, you are in Author Central and can enter info about yourself, such as a biography or photos. Together with the linking of your works with your name, you remain better in the memory of potential readers and your writer presence on Amazon becomes more professional.Important here is the note that in the meantime a new Author Central already exists. You will be made aware of this on the home page; under the domain author.amazon.de you can make your own picture.

By Biddie

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