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Doxing: The term and its proper meaning

Doxing is one of the digital security terms. It is a bit older, but has recently gained more importance again due to hacker attacks. Doxing comes from the English word for "documents", namely "documents" - or "docs" for short. The Internet abbreviation for this is "Dox".

What does the word doxing mean?

Doxing is used in the hacking scene and describes the collection of data in order to publish it at a later time. With a few measures you can protect yourself from hacker attacks and your data from doxing.
  1. Always update your software as well as your operating system so that all security updates are installed.
  2. Install and update all virus and firewall programs.
  3. Never click on links in emails. Go directly to the appropriate page.
  4. Use complex passwords. It is best to use a password generator and store the passwords on an encrypted USB stick.
  5. Always provide complex strings and no correct answers, even for security questions.
  6. Do not use paired logins, such as Facebook or Google, to contain a data theft.
  7. If possible, put as little personal information about yourself on the Internet. Posten Sie beispielweise nie, wenn Sie im Urlaub oder woanders sind, da Einbrecher diese Informationen nutzen und dadurch wissen, dass Sie nicht zu Hause sind.

By Barbe

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