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Xiaomi Mi 9 no longer turns on - helpful steps

If your Xiaomi Mi 9 no longer turns on, various problems can be behind it. If the device is charged and does not show any other damage, then resetting it to factory settings usually helps. However, with this procedure, all contents on the smartphone will be lost.

What you could do if your Xiaomi Mi 9 does not turn on

The smartphone is used almost everywhere these days. It can be all the more annoying if your Xiaomi Mi 9 suddenly does not turn on. Since there can be different causes and problems behind it, it is necessary to proceed step by step.
  1. First, check whether only the battery is completely empty. To do this, connect your smartphone to a power outlet with the supplied charging cable. If the device is completely empty, it may take some time until you can turn the device on again. Also try it with another cable to exclude that your charger is defective.
  2. In addition, try to start your smartphone, because it may be that this has crashed in between.
  3. If this does not help, a hard reset of the system can help.
  4. It usually takes several years until the battery is defective or the capacity has greatly reduced. However, this can still suffer damage due to strong temperature fluctuations or moisture. Ist dies bei Ihnen der Fall, hilft für gewöhnlich nur noch eine Reparatur durch den Profi.

By Moffitt

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