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Huawei Mate X no longer turns on - what you can do

The Huawei Mate X is the foldable smartphone from the company Huawei. As with all devices, this one may experience some issues. If your Huawei Mate X does not turn on, this can have different causes. In this case, it is necessary to proceed step by step.

What you can do if your Huawei Mate X does not turn on

If you have purchased the Hauwei Mate X, it may happen that the device does not turn on. In this case, various causes can be behind it, which is why you need to proceed step by step. Note that after each step, you should check whether your phone can be started.
  1. If you hear a sound when starting the device or if it vibrates, but the screen remains black, then it is probably defective. In this case, contact support.
  2. If the indicator light turns red during startup, then press and hold the power button for about ten seconds to force a restart.
  3. If the battery is empty, this can also lead to the device not being able to start. Connect it to a power source and wait some time. Wenn das Gerät tiefenentladen ist, kann es einige Stunden dauern, bis Sie es wieder starten können.
  4. Haben die oben genannten Schritte nicht geholfen oder treffen diese nicht auf Sie zu, müssen Sie sich an einen Fachmann wenden, um das Gerät reparieren zu lassen.
  5. Wenn Sie Ihr Smartphone gerootet haben, kann es ebenfalls zu Fehlern kommen. In diesem Fall ist eine Reparatur meist nicht mehr möglich.

By Abercromby Smelko

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