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What does Mois mean? All information on word usage

You will now encounter the term "Mois", just like many other youth words, more and more frequently in everyday language. At the same time, the meaning and origin of such youth words are unclear to many. Do you also wonder what Mois means, get all the information here.

Meaning of Mois: These theories about the origin of the word exist

Mois is a well-known youth word that means something like "friend", "bro" or "buddy". Used mostly among friends, Mois is a common word. While the meaning and usage of the word are clear, there are several theories about where the word Mois comes from.
  1. One of these theories suggests that Mois comes from Turkish and is a variation of the word "Moruk", which in turn is used to express friendship.
  2. Another theory about the origin of Mois assumes that Mois is another spelling for "Moiz". This is a man's name, which is very popular among Arabs and Jews and which literally means "to offer protection to someone".
  3. A third theory sees the origin of Mois, on the other hand, in the Ruhr area, where the term is used to address friends.

Meaning: Mois and other youth words

In addition to Mois, there are a variety of other words that are used frequently, especially by young people. For example, the term "man of honor" or "woman of honor" is used to express that the person is someone who does something special for another. While the words mois and man of honor have a positive meaning, the term "leek," on the other hand, is used more in a negative sense to refer to someone as a jerk.

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