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What are the possibilities of Bluetooth speakers?

Whether indoors or outdoors, Bluetooth boxes and speakers are handy little companions when it comes to wireless playback of music, audiobooks, podcasts or other audio content. Get an overview of the advantages and possible uses that Bluetooth speakers and boxes bring.

What options do Bluetooth speakers and boxes offer

Bluetooth speakers and boxes can be connected to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer to stream music or listen to podcasts or audio books, for example. Some Bluetooth boxes can also be connected to smart TVs and thus conveniently integrated into the home cinema system.
  1. Thanks to the wireless connection to the various end devices, you can do without annoying and costly cabling with Bluetooth speakers and boxes. Many speakers only need to be connected to the power with a cable to charge the integrated battery.
  2. Music throughout the house, whether living room, kitchen or bathroom, the integrated battery makes the speaker mobile.
  3. Some Bluetooth boxes and speakers can even be set up as a multi-room system.
  4. Speech assistants such as Amazon Alexa or Google Home can also be connected to your Bluetooth speakers or boxes.
  5. Some speaker models have a hands-free function, which allows you to make calls via the box when your smartphone is connected.

Outdoor Bluetooth speakers - not just sound for indoors

Depending on the design of the speakers, they are even suitable for outdoors. To what extent a Bluetooth speaker is suitable for outdoor use and protected from water or the penetration of foreign objects, you can tell by the IP code (International Protection Code). Geräte mit der IPX7 Schutzklasse sind beispielsweise resistent gegen zeitweiliges Untertauchen.

By Jabin Butkowski

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