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Scrum Sprint Planning - how it works

A sprint is a time-limited unit of work that plays an essential role in the Scrum method. With a clearly defined goal and a specific deadline, working in sprints increases efficiency and agility within a project. How to plan a Scrum Sprint, we reveal here.

How Scrum Sprint Planning Works

As an important principle of the Scrum method, a Sprint must be planned in as much detail as possible. For this, close communication between the Scrum roles is of great importance. To plan a sprint, the product owner meets with the development team to discuss the most important backlogs of the project. Through this, the team determines which tasks need to be worked on in a sprint.

These topics are relevant in Scrum Sprint Planning

  • Importance of the sprint: The development team, in cooperation with the product owner, develops a defined goal that must have added value for the customer. The sprint goal must be defined before the planning process is completed.
  • Realistic goals: In a further discussion, the developers decide which tasks they can work off from the open backlog in the sprint. The realistic assessment of how many tasks can be completed in a sprint is challenging.
  • Arbeitsmethode: In diesem Prozess wird der Sprint in kleinere Arbeitseinheiten unterteilt und definiert, welche Schritte zur Fertigstellung einer Aufgabe erledigt werden müssen.

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