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Scrum flow - how a sprint works

Scrum is a project management method that a development team implements in a specific process in a specified time. Within the Scrum methodology, a sprint is considered a value-added process that defines the flow of a project. We explain the individual process elements of a sprint.

Srcum process flow through a sprint

The most important element of the Scrum methodology is considered to be the most efficient process possible, which is achieved through successive sprints. In the Scrum process planning, the start of the project and the respective sprint duration are therefore considered as authoritative units.A sprint has a fixed duration and clear specifications regarding requirements and the completion of certain parts of a project. For this purpose, a sprint goal is defined before the start of a sprint so that the process is clear for the development team. A sprint process can be recorded using project management software. In the Scrum method, completed sprints count as an important factor in evaluating the progress of the project.

Scrum flow elements within a sprint

These elements belong to the flow of a sprint:
  • Sprint planning: defining the exact tasks in a sprint.
  • Daily Scrum: Daily meeting of the Scrum team.
  • Sprint Review: Meint die Präsentation der fertiggestellten Aufgaben.
  • Sprint Retrospektive: Bewertung und Evaluierung des Sprints sowie die Planung und Verbesserung zukünftiger Sprints.

By Bekelja Heusel

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