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Toniebox flashes blue: That's what it's all about

If the Toniebox flashes blue, you obviously want to signal them something. In addition to flashing, a blue pulsing or a continuous glow is also possible. The color blue on the Toniebox usually has something to do with the WLAN connection.

What to do when the Toniebox flashes blue?

If the LED indicator on the Toniebox flashes blue, this can only mean two different things. Either the Toniebox is downloading new content or it is searching for available Wi-Fi connections.
  • If the Tonie is flashing blue, wait a moment first.
  • If the audio cube is downloading something or updating existing content, this may take a moment depending on your Internet speed.
  • As soon as the flashing stops, check to see if the Toniebox is connected to the Internet. If the Tonie is not connected, continue reading below.
  • When the Tonie pulses blue, it is in connection mode. This means that you can connect him to the Internet.
  • Should the blue flashing of the Toniebox not stop, restart the Tonie.

Connect Toniebox again with WLAN

If the Toniebox flashes blue and then goes into a blue pulsing, reconnect it to the WLAN. So gehen Sie dafür per Computer, Smartphone oder Tablet vor:
  1. Öffnen Sie zunächst Ihren Browser.
  2. Geben Sie nun oben in die Adresszeile „meine.tonies.de“ ein und rufen Sie die Seite auf.
  3. Hier wählen Sie nun Ihr WLAN-Netzwerk aus.
  4. Die Toniebox blinkt erneut blau, während die Verbindung aufgebaut wird. Sobald die Verbindung hergestellt ist, leuchtet der Tonie grün.

By Raoul Zasso

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