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Hue Bridge flashes: What happens to the Philips device?

The Hue Bridge from the Philips company is another addition to a comprehensive smart home. Through the interactive lamps, you can regulate the lights in your home via app and turn them on and off easily. If a blink appears, it indicates a problem.

What does the Hue Bridge flashing mean?

As soon as the Philips Hue Bridge flashes, there is a problem with the devices. The flashing also signals that the affected devices can no longer be used.
  1. The reason for the occurrence of an error is usually a dimmer. The Hue Bridge does not support such a dimmer and therefore can no longer function properly.
  2. To work around the problem, you should install an ordinary light switch and remove the dimmer. When buying new lamps, pay particular attention to the fact that they are not dimmable.
  3. Also check whether you have connected the device properly. Loose or porous cables should be replaced.
  4. Disconnect the bridge from the mains for a while and then reconnect it.
  5. If none of these options help, consult a specialist or send in the device. Most errors beyond these solution methods are very technical in nature and can hardly be fixed directly.

This you should also note

In addition, the LED-s directly on the bridge can also flash. If they light up continuously, on the other hand, everything is fine:
  • The power LED on the left shows whether the power is on.
  • The middle LED shows the connection to the Internet. In case of problems, you should reboot your router by briefly disconnecting power from it.
  • In case the right network LED on the bridge is blinking, this does not necessarily mean a problem. This LED flashes as long as you establish a connection to a server and then lights up continuously. Also during server work, the LED can flash temporarily.

By Renner

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