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Switching on Philips Hue with light switch: The latest updates on the topic

The Philips Hue lamps can be turned on with the light switch, just like any other lamp. Until now, however, the settings made were reset via the app as soon as the lamp was disconnected from the power and switched on again via light switch.

Switching on Philips Hue with a light switch: Advantages and disadvantages

Until now, you could turn Philips Hue bulbs off and on again using a light switch. By disconnecting from the power, however, all settings such as dimming factor or light color were deleted and had to be made again in the app.
  1. In the meantime, however, thanks to a software update, it is possible to retain all settings even after disconnection from the power.
  2. Navigate for this in the app to "Settings > Power on behavior > Manufacture after power failure: last used color and brightness".
  3. Note that the settings made must be saved for a moment before they are applied. So wait about 15 seconds before you turn on the Philips Hue light switch.

Help with problems

Have you applied the update only after the lamps were already set up, it can sometimes come to problems. If the lamps do not take over any settings when you turn on the light switch, as before, reset the Philips Hue lamps. Also, wait a moment after setting before disconnecting the lights from the power.

By Cahn Lundell

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