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Connecting Osram Lightify with Philips Hue: How to connect the systems

The Osram Lightify lamps and smart plug can be connected with Philips Hue. Technically, the pairing is not a problem, as both manufacturers use the same transmission path. However, possible updates could limit compatibility in the future.

How to pair Osram Lightify with Philips Hue

In order to integrate Osram Lightify lamps into the Philips Hue lighting system, you can use both an Osram Lightify plug or Osram lamps for this purpose. If the Osram devices are connected to the Hue Bridge, they can be controlled via the Hue app.
  1. Turn on the Osram lamp to be linked and start the Hue app.
  2. Tap the plus icon in the app.
  3. Add a lamp and tap "Search"-
  4. If the info icon appears next to the found Osram lamp, it can be managed like a Hue lamp. The device will probably be displayed as "On/Off plug-in unit 1".
  5. For example, change the name or add the Osram lamp to a room.
If you have problems, you can try to add Osram Lightify to the Hue app via the serial number. Make sure that the devices are not more than 30 centimeters away from each other.

Other options of the lighting system

The Osram lamps can be controlled not only by the Hue app, but also by Alexa. To do this, add them in the Alexa app. If you want to expand your smart lighting further, the Osram Plug can also be used as a repeater for the Hue Bridge. This means that the signal from the bridge can be passed on to additional lamps.

By Blum Salatino

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