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Pokémon Go Items - these items are available

An important part of the mobile game Pokémon Go are the different items. These not only help you catch new Pokémon, but also help you succeed in battle and level up faster. Here you get an overview of the most important items.

Pokémon Go: How to get items

In Pokémon Go there are different items that you can use. While some items are already available to you at the beginning of the game, you can only get other items when you have reached a new level. Since the introduction of research projects, there is also the possibility of getting certain items as rewards when you successfully complete a task. In addition, you can also buy the items for a certain number of Pokécoins in the item store or get them as a gift.

These various items are available in Pokémon Go

Of the 46 items that are currently available in Pokémon Go, most are available right from the start of the game. These include the team medallion, the use of which allows you to switch to another team once a year.
  1. While at the beginning of the game you only have a simple Pokéball for catching wild Pokémon, the Superball is available for this from level 12 and the Hyperball from level 20.
  2. In addition, various potions are among the items available in Pokémon Go. Both the potion as well as the Super Potion, the Hyper Potion and the Top Potion generate power points.
  3. To increase your chance of catching a Pokémon, the Himmihbeere and the Golden Himmihbeere, which are available from level 8 and 5 respectively, will help you.

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