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Huawei P30: Sound off - this is how it works

When you use the new Huawei P30, incoming calls, e-mails, alerts, and other notifications are indicated by the sound of various tones. If you want to turn off the sound on the Huawei P30, you can set the device to silent in a few steps.

Sound off: How to switch to silent mode on the Huawei P30

If you want to turn off the sound on your Huawei P30, simply use the rocker switch on the side of the device. To do so, press and hold the lower part of the switch to turn down the smartphone's volume.
  1. Now first select "Sound" to switch to vibrate mode, and then tap the "Vibration" option to switch to silent mode.
  2. You will now no longer hear notification sounds, but the Huawei P30 will only vibrate when a new message or call comes in.
  3. To exit Silent mode at a later time, press the rocker switch again and tap the "Silent" icon to exit.

Huawei P30: How to turn off the sound of incoming notifications

When you receive a call or notification on your Huawei P30, it is possible to mute it by turning the Huawei smartphone over. Since the function is not enabled by default on the Huawei P30, you have to do this via the settings first. To do so, tap the "gear icon" and go to the "Smart Support" menu item in the settings. Tap this and select under "Motion control" > "Turn over" whether you want to use the function only for muting incoming calls or also for muting the alarm clock and timer.

By Symons Vallentine

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