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Pokémon Fire Red Cheats: Advantages in Classic Pokémon Game

In 2004, the Pokémon versions Fire Red and Leaf Green were released. They appeared for the Gameboy Advance and raised the level of the game. For various changes, there are also all sorts of cheats for Pokémon Fire Red.

Influence the game Pokémon Fire Red with cheats

In games, there is often a built-in possibility to influence the gameplay with cheats. This also works in Pokémon Fire Red. In the cheat console in the emulator, you can enter various master codes to bring about the appearance of a certain Pokémon. Depending on the level of the Pokémon activated by the cheat, you may also need items such as a master ball. If you are satisfied and no longer want to catch the Pokémon, you can simply delete the cheat from the system. First, you need to enter one of the following master codes in the "Cheats" menu tab so that your game state is not deleted by the cheat:
  • DFC87987 BBA21C13
  • A269812A 7C8BB4D9
  • 78DA95DF 44018CB4
  • EDD28D69 D9117E9F
  • 1C7B3231 B494738C

Cheats for Pokémon Fire Red

Want to unlock Pokémon with cheats for Fire Red, try the following, for example:
  • Um ein Pikachu freizuschalten, geben Sie anschließend 94D2629A E9F45EC69D4A1BFF 05120D39 in den Cheat-Reiter ein.
  • Ein Mew schalten Sie mit dem Cheat 94D2629A E9F45EC6B751BDF4 95CEF4CC frei.
  • Mauzi können Sie fangen, nachdem Sie 94D2629A E9F45EC65F38FD3F 5D7412A3 ins Cheat-Fenster eingegeben haben.

By Rip Harderman

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