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Pokémon Tekken: Unlock Helper Pokémon

In addition to the battle Pokémon, Pokémon Tekken also has Helper Pokémon that you can unlock. Only after they are unlocked, they can be used in battle and support you with their different abilities. Complete the following challenges to get the helper Pokémon.

Helper Pokémon in Pokémon Tekken: You'll have these from the start

Some of the helper Pokémons are unlocked in Pokémon Tekken right from the start. These include:
  1. Emolga/Fynx
  2. Serpifeu/Lapras
  3. Amphizel/Evoli
The helper Pokémon always appear in Pokémon Tekken as a Pokémon set and are also used in pairs in battle. From the first three helper sets, Emolga, Serpifeu and Amphizel belong to the "Attacker" category, while Fynx is a Saboteur and Evoli is an Amplifier.

You unlock these helper Pokémon

For the remaining 24 of the total 30 helper Pokémon, you have to complete various challenges.
  1. Green League Tournament: Complete this tournament and you will receive the set Psiana/Nachtara.
  2. Rank Exam "C": Upon successful completion, you will receive the sets Tragosso/Digda, Jirachi/Elfun as well as Glibunkel/Feelinara.
  3. Blue League: You will receive Reshiram/Cresselia.
  4. Rank Exam "B": Nach erfolgreicher Prüfung sind Pachirisu/Karpador, Traunmagil/Vulnona und Rotom/Togekiss verfügbar.
  5. Rote-Liga: Schließen Sie diese Liga für Magneton/Morlord ab.
  6. Rangprüfung „A“: Mit der letzten Rangprüfung erhalten Sie Porenta/Lektroball und Dragoran/Victini.
  7. Chroma-Liga-Turnier: Nach diesem Turnier bekommen Sie als Belohnung Yveltal/Latios.

By Lightman Kingen

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