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IMEI Unlock: How to unlock your phone

IMEI Unlock means that you unlock your smartphone using the IMEI. This is necessary if your device has a SIM lock. If you use an iPhone, you have some advantages compared to other providers. Especially newer devices do not have a lock.

IMEI Unlock: How to unlock

You perform an IMEI Unlock online. To do this, you need the IMEI number for each provider. An exception is the newer iPhone, which are all sold without SIM lock.
  1. To unlock the SIM card of your phone, go to the website of your contract provider and type best in the search "unlock cell phone". In the case of Vodafone CallYa, for example, you request an unlock code in the input mask. To do this, enter the IMEI of your device in the input field. The principle also works similarly with T-Mobile and other well-known providers.
  2. The easiest way to find out the IMEI is to search for the item "Phone Info" or "Status" in the settings.
  3. Although you can unlock your SIM card at any time, you usually have to pay a fee for this in the first 24 months from the date of purchase. This varies by provider.

Unlocking your iPhone: This will save you the procedure

If you use an older iPhone model, you must also unlock the device if necessary. To do this, simply perform an iOS update to version 7.1 or sync the device with iTunes if you have not already done so. If your iPhone is locked and cannot be unlocked, contact Apple support. The device can usually not be unlocked via the IMEI, but only via the Apple servers.

By Grimona

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