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Huawei P Smart: IMEI Check - how to test your IMEI

The IMEI is hard-coded into your smartphone. Through this number, you can have your device uniquely identified, as it is both unique and contains information about the buyer and the date of purchase. When buying used, be sure to check this number.

Huawei P Smart: IMEI Check - what you can find out

With the help of the IMEI, your smartphone can be traced in case of theft, because it provides information about its whereabouts.
  1. In addition to this useful function for locating the device, you can also use the IMEI to determine information about the network and the country from which the device originally came.
  2. In addition, you get information about the carrier of the device as well as its system version and other device specifications.
  3. Since only you should know the IMEI of the device, you can clearly prove that the device belongs to you in case of theft.
  4. In addition, with the help of the IMEI, the smartphone can be blacklisted, which blocks outgoing and incoming communication for the device.

Huawei P Smart: So checken Sie die IMEI

  1. Beim Kauf eines gebrauchten Smartphones sollten Sie unbedingt die IMEI überprüfen.
  2. Wechseln Sie dazu auf diese Webseite und geben Sie die IMEI ein.
  3. Durch einen Klick auf „Check“ wird Ihnen angezeigt, ob das Smartphone auf der Blacklist steht und somit vermutlich zuvor gestohlen wurde.

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