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Connecting Philips Hue to TV: How to light up the room in style

You can connect your Philips Hue bulbs to your TV. If you own a modern smart TV with Ambilight, simply pair the Ambilight+Hue app with the device. For other TVs, there are alternative options to connect the Hue bulbs.

Connecting Philips Hue to TV: Ambilight

If your TV has Ambilight, all you need is the Ambilight+Hue app and a Hue Bridge.
  1. Make sure all devices are on the same Wi-Fi network and update your TV's software if necessary.
  2. Now connect the TV to the Bridge and Hue bulbs by searching for "Ambilight+Hue" under "Ambilight" in the TV settings. Select "Configure the lamps" and then select the Hue Bridge. Confirm the process so that the TV searches for the bridge.
  3. Now connect the smart TV and bridge by selecting "Start".
  4. If the bridge is paired, you will get an overview of the available Hue lamps. Select the lamp to be synchronized and confirm again with "Ok".

The alternative apps

If you have an older TV, you can use the retrofit kit for Ambilight for the lighting effect. Another alternative is to purchase an additional app like New Camera or Ambihue. This allows you to control the Hue bulbs while placing the smartphone with the camera in front of the TV.

By Lukash

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