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Remove Activities.AliExpress.com adware

If you receive ads from Activities.AliExpress.com, you have caught an adware that you should remove as soon as possible. The unwanted software shows you annoying ads and pop-ups and also poses a security risk.

How to remove Ads from Activies.AliExpress.com

If you suddenly see a lot of Ads and pop-ups from Activities.AliExpress.com in your browser, it is not a malicious virus, but annoying adware. The browser plugin is also a security breach for your data if you should additionally fall victim to malware as well. To eliminate the risk, you should get rid of Activities.AliExpress.com ads.
  1. Uninstalling AliExpress should be your first step. Open Control Panel and click "Uninstall a program".
  2. Search for a program that contains "AliExpress" and click "Uninstall". For this, you can sort the program by installation date if the adware is new.
  3. Now install the free scanner AdwCleaner. Run a scan to remove the remnants of AliExpress. If you omit this step, the adware may simply reinstall itself the next time you restart.
  4. Finally, reset your browser now. Dies gelingt in den unterschiedlichen Browsern wie Firefox und Chrome jeweils über die Einstellungen.
Bevor Sie Ihren Browser zurücksetzen, können Sie Ihre Lesezeichen sichern und später importieren. So werden Sie Activities.AliExpress.com los, behalten aber Ihre persönlichen Einstellungen.

By Clementine

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