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How long does a laptop last? Info on useful life

In today's world, a laptop is standard equipment in most households. When deciding on a device, the price certainly plays a role for you, which is why you should also know how long you can benefit from the device. Because this allows you to better estimate the prices.

Laptop: The interplay of wear and durability

Generally, a major factor with regard to the durability of your laptop is which wear and tear the device is exposed to. In this regard, you yourself can extend the service life.
  1. Always protect the laptop on the road with a special laptop bag and make sure that the device is not under pressure. Because the screen is the weak point of a device.
  2. Protect the battery by not charging the device permanently. Because then the battery drains much slower.
  3. Clean your laptop regularly by removing dust with a soft brush and loosening heavier dirt with a microfiber cloth.
  4. Use an external mouse, if possible, to save the mouse pad. Because the reduced accuracy is a first sign of the decreasing durability of the device.
  5. Protect the device from overheating by always making sure that the ventilation of the device is stehts frei.

What kind of lifespan can you expect?

For a very intensively used device you can assume about three years and for normal use a maximum of five years. This is because at this point you must assume that the software and components no longer meet the technical requirements of the time.

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