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Philips Hue: Power consumption at a glance

With Phillips Hue you have the possibility to control and manage your lighting at home with various devices. You can also control the entire LED system at home via WLAN. But what is the power consumption of the pretty and smart lighting?

This is the power consumption of the lights of the Hue system from Philips

Back in 2012, the Hue LED lighting system from Philips came out. With this system, you can turn on different shades of color, which can differ depending on the room. Also, you can use a timer that automatically turns the lights on and off in some rooms at a certain time. In this way, even on vacation, you can pretend "presence" at home. But with lamps that cost around 60 euros each, there is also the question of whether the power consumption increases or decreases through use.
  • A Hue lamp from Philips consumes about 9 watts at maximum brightness. The brightness then corresponds approximately to an ordinary 50-watt light bulb.
  • Even when the light is turned off, however, due to the built-in WLAN is still consumed about 0.5 watts.
  • Since the purchase price is quite high, the cost is worthwhile only after a long time.
  • Der Stromverbrauch des gesamten Systems ist ungefähr der gleiche wie bei der Nutzung von Energiesparlampen in der gesamten Wohnung.
  • Auch das Dimmen der Leuchten bringt keine Stromersparnis, da auch hier für das Einstellen wiederum Strom verbraucht wird.

By Trudnak Tribou

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