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Word: Sort text alphabetically - here's how

Word is one of the most popular word processing programs. The software from Microsoft you usually get in a software bundle, in which even more useful tools are included. In Word, in addition to numerous functions, you also have the option of having a text sorted alphabetically.

How to sort a text alphabetically in Word

In some cases it is necessary to sort a text alphabetically. This is usually the case especially for bulleted lists. Word already provides a function that allows you to have a selected range of text sorted alphabetically. For this, however, you must first write the text in a Word document.
  1. Mark the area of the text that you want to sort alphabetically.
  2. Then click at the top of the bar on the tab "Start".
  3. Here you will find an "A> Z" icon. Click on it.
  4. Thereupon you can choose whether you want to sort your text in ascending order, i.e. from A to Z, or in descending order, i.e. from Z to A.
  5. Once you have decided, select the desired option and click "Ok" to confirm the selection.
  6. Der markierte Text wird nun alphabetisch sortiert angezeigt.
In älteren Word-Versionen erfolgt die Auswahl über „Start“ > „Absatz“ > „Sortieren“ und anschließend unter „Text sortieren“ auf „Sortieren nach“ > „Absätze“. Hier können Sie anschließend wählen, wie der Absatz sortiert werden soll.

By Schaffel

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