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Word: Move pages - how to re-sort

When creating a complex Word document, you may find that the order of your arguments doesn't seem particularly coherent. To avoid having to create a new document, you can move the individual pages within the document.

How to move pages in Word

A few keystrokes are all you need to successfully accomplish your task and move pages in Word:
  1. Word, while you are making a document, makes page breaks in the background.
  2. Therefore, you don't have to do anything but move the text content to another place within your Word document.
  3. To do this, first select the content of the page by using the mouse. Alternatively, you can click on the first word and then hold down "Shift" + "Down Arrow" key until the content is copied.
  4. Then press the combination of "CTRL" + "X" and Word will cut the highlighted content and deposit it in the clipboard.
  5. Now click in front of the first word within the document where you want the content to appear.
  6. Now press the combination of "CTRL" + "V" and the content will be pasted from the clipboard.

What happens to the page break?

Word adjusts the document in the background so that the page break does not cause you any difficulties. This includes adjusting the page numbers. Thus, nothing changes in the original layout of your Word document.

By Cristie

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