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Excel: Sort table alphabetically - how to do it

Not infrequently it is important to arrange contents of a table alphabetically. Excel gives you the opportunity to do this, as long as you use the right functions. Basically, however, the process is quite simple and there is little to consider.

Excel: Sort alphabetically - here's how

If you want to sort a table alphabetically, it only takes a few clicks to rearrange the contents. Note, however, that crucial cells should not be formatted as well.
  1. Select the cells whose contents are to be sorted alphabetically.
  2. When doing so, make sure that you do not select header rows, as these will otherwise be included in the order.
  3. Now switch to the "Data" menu and click on the "Sort" option there.
  4. Now you can again select which areas should be sorted.
  5. Once you are satisfied with your selection, finally click "OK" to confirm the sorting.

This helps with problems

  1. In some cases, there may be problems with the sorting. Beispielsweise dann, wenn sich in den ausgewählten Zellen Zahlen befinden, die nicht als Text formatiert sind.
  2. Um das Problem zu beheben, markieren Sie alle Zellen mit Zahlen als Inhalt und nutzen Sie die Tastenkombination [STRG] + [5].
  3. Anschließend wechseln Sie in die Kategorie „Text“ und bestätigen Ihre Auswahl.
  4. Nun können Sie die Tabelle erneut sortieren lassen.

By Harold Dituri

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