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The funniest Alexa commands - overview

You can use many functions with the voice assistant Alexa. Through commands, you can control a lighting system, make Internet requests or add calendar entries. The voice assistant can also be used simply for entertainment. For this purpose, numerous funny commands from different areas are available to you.

You should test these funny commands from Alexa

Alexa responds to various commands with which you can control other devices or apps. But there are also some commands that are just for entertainment purposes.
  1. Say the command "Alexa, beam me up" and Alexa will respond with "Ay Captain!". At wrap speed, Captain? The drive can never take it!"
  2. You can also tell Alexa to self-destruct. Say "Alexa, self-destruct" and the voice assistant will respond with "Self-destruct in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - boom. That didn't go according to plan."
  3. Try the command "Alexa, Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck" to play an unfair game with Alexa.
  4. The assistant responds to "Alexa, sing a song" with "I'm sorry. My repertoire is still very limited, so I prefer to leave the singing to professionals today. But I'll be happy to play music for you. Frage mich einfach nach deiner Lieblingsplaylist oder deinem Lieblingslied“.
  5. Möchten Sie einen „Klopf, Klopf“- Witz erzählen, antwortet Ihnen Alexa mit „Stell dir vor es klopft und keiner macht auf. Die Tür ist schon offen“.
  6. Neben diesen Befehlen gibt es noch viele weitere zu entdecken.

By Den Jondrow

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