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Windows: speed up startup - this possibility exists

After some time it can happen that the startup of your system takes longer and longer. If Windows startup is then too slow for you, there are various measures you can take to speed up the process. For example, booting from hibernation or standby mode can help.

How to speed up Windows startup

Various causes can be behind the fact that your Windows startup becomes slower after some time. If the time it takes your computer to boot up bothers you, you have several options to choose from to improve the situation.
  1. If you know you need things to happen quickly, put your PC into hibernation or standby mode instead of turning it off completely. You can then start your computer in a few seconds.
  2. When starting up, make sure that as few external devices as possible are connected. This includes especially USB sticks or external hard drives. This prevents the BIOS from searching for bootable partitions and thus speeds up the startup.
  3. In addition, disable all programs that you do not necessarily need, so that they are not opened directly at startup. If your system must also start these, then this can also greatly increase the time.
  4. Another option is to speed up your autostart using a cleaning tool. Hierfür bietet sich beispielsweise das Windows Performance Toolkit an.
  5. Deinstallieren Sie zudem alle Programme, die Sie nicht unbedingt benötigen und bereinigen Sie Ihr System mit einem passenden Tool.

By Giulio Blythe

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