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Need for Speed: Do donuts - make sure you have speed

To make sure your tires really get up to temperature in Need for Speed, the game offers you the possibility to collect a total of 30 donuts. Here you can learn how to provide proper speed in your game and thereby significantly increase your adrenaline level.

This is how easy you do donuts

A donut refers to a driving maneuver. In this, you drift so well that you leave a donut, or circle. In doing so, you have to accelerate in such a way that you leave an imprint of your tires on the digital asphalt. This is how easy it is to get your tires up to temperature:
  1. Pay more attention to the maps and react as soon as you see the symbol with the circle, which consists of arrows. This will mark a spot for you in Need for Speed where a donut is possible.
  2. Drive there and briefly explore the surroundings to gain confidence.
  3. To make a donut, you need to run four steps in parallel, which is why you need some practice for this trick.
  4. Hold down the brake of your car.
  5. Accelerate at the same time.
  6. Turn the steering wheel completely. It is not relevant whether you choose right or left.
  7. Let go of the brake completely and wait for the car to do the donut.

This is how you succeed

Drive so that you are inside the circle marked by flames. Only if the trick is done within this area, Need for Speed will evaluate it. The trick is especially easy if you use a car with rear-wheel drive.

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